Who will be the Next CM of Andhra Pradesh in 2019?


One of the burning discussions in the Telugu states right now is about the next chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Telangana elections sure gave people some curiosity but the victory of KCR was an expected one. Though the drama was at peaks with the formation of Grand Alliance (Maha Kootami) of TDP, Congress, TJS, CPI, etc., the result was quite expected. Now that the elections are over and KCR was elected as CM again, the focus has now shifted to neighboring state Andhra Pradesh which is currently under the leadership of Chandra Babu Naidu.

The succession of Andhra’s CM in the upcoming 2019 elections is a matter of concern for both the Telugu states and the nation because this might affect the power at the center. TDP is a regional party, and Congress lost its leg in Andhra Pradesh after the death of Ex CM Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy. YS Jagan, S/o Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy has started another party named YSRCP (Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party) after coming out of the Congress. These two are currently the major parties in the state and there is enough support for both of them to become the next CM.

AP Elections 2019

The entry of Movie star Pawan Kalyan into the politics with his party Janasena has shifted the vote share from these two parties. Though the actor/ politician is fairly new in the game, there are many young supporters of his ideology and many anticipate that his party can be a game changer in the next elections. Though there are many that argue this point comparing his entry to that of his brother Chiranjeevi previously, there is no definite cause to say that history will be repeated. While Janasena party’s impact in the upcoming Andhra Pradesh State elections is an element of the debate, given the party’s popularity among people, speculations can be made that the party can become a tie-breaker.

As it is known, the main battle is between the TDP and YSRCP parties. Both the parties have their supporter base and both the parties are campaigning rigorously. While Mr. Naidu is answerable to many of the pending projects that should have taken place or completed in the last five years, Mr. YS Jagan is banking on the same old strategy of raising up the lower classes.

The exit polls have all pointed to TDP winning in the 2019 elections, but they also put YSRCP close to TDP which can point to only one thing. If Pawan Kalyan manages to gain a significant number of seats, his supported party head would become the next CM of Andhra Pradesh. While this does not sound like an accurate prediction the reality might surprise us. What is your opinion of who is going to be the next CM of Andhra Pradesh? Let us know in the comments.