Who is Going to Serve as the CM of Madhya Pradesh


Before the elections in Madhya Pradesh in the information space unfolded real battles. There were rumors about fake news about the election participants and forecasts. The participants themselves were deploying really large-scale information companies in social networks. The forecasts were so contradictory that it seemed almost impossible to predict the outcome of the Assembly Elections 2018.

The state is currently run by the BJP party (Bharatiya Janata Party). The Indian national Congress hopes to take a leading position as a result of these elections. But this is an extremely controversial issue because some surveys – including anonymous ones – show that people have not kept too good memories of the times when the National Congress ran the state.

Polls in early April gave Congress an advantage of almost two dozen seats, but by the end of the month, BJP again regained sympathy. Nevertheless, opinions are still divided into almost two, and it is still impossible to predict the victory of a particular party.

As for the other parties, which are given seats in the polls literally on a residual principle, the AAP showed extraordinary zeal: the list of candidates from this party has already been announced. AAP leaders believe that people are already very tired of the rule of the main parties. They are optimistic and confident in the trust of their voters. AAP considers it possible to get more seats than usual. Gopal Rai is full of promise to improve the lives of the staff and to justify the confidence of those whose support in the election, he is now very sure. Well, maybe it will be?

So far, we have seen an information war between the two main parties. Who knows if they are not engaged in war with each other more than it should be to keep the trust of voters? There is still a lot of time before the elections, and it can be used in different ways. At this stage, it may seem that any error can still be corrected, but the days are relentless. When the election dates will be announced, it will be too late: most likely, this points will be possible forecasts are much more plausible than now.